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We are a Amazigh-American family with one foot in Morocco and one foot in California.  We began collecting traditional Amazigh rugs in 2005, inspired by the Boujaad rugs Youssef sat around as a boy with his family in the countryside outside Agadir.  We founded Darna Design to share the unusual beauty and history of Moroccan rugs and to increase access for interior designers through our network of local contacts.  Our brand is committed to the appreciation of Moroccan weaving and the traditional village lifestyle.  Our family business partners with local Moroccans at the grassroots level to preserve our shared heritage and source rugs responsibly because many Moroccans are dependent on this economy. 

‘Darna’ means ‘Our home’ in the Moroccan dialect Darija; historically, Moroccan rugs are handwoven in the home and serve as a place to gather, to break bread and drink tea, to sleep, to celebrate a marriage or the birth of a child, as well as a decorative art.  A Moroccan rug in your home is a place to sit with friends and family just as it was made to do in the Amazigh villages.  Each rug is personally selected by us, with knowledge of the materials and techniques.  We have relationships with weavers and cooperatives as well as vendors in the souks in order to find exceptional vintage and new pieces.    

Youssef and his family currently live in Ojai between trips to Morocco.  We encourage you to contact us with inquiries about the rugs in our online shop and to schedule viewings.  If you are looking for something and do not see it in the online shop, do not hesitate to email us about new arrivals and custom orders.  Check out the Archives and Gallery for inspiration!  

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Alameda Point Antiques Faire every 1st Sunday

Santa Monica Airport Antique Market every 4th Sunday.

Private showings in Ojai by appointment only.


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